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Spiritual 撤退 and Service


Our retreat program recognizes that each person is created, 身体和灵魂, in the image and likeness of God, and that discipleship is a lifelong calling.

None of us is a complete or perfect disciple. We don't pass a mysterious test and suddenly finish growing in faith. The spiritual life, like all of life, has highs and lows. Growing in our discipleship is a lifelong process, and retreats serve as reflection points along the journey. We retreat because Jesus set the example Himself, by retreating to out-of-the-way places to pray, 与神独处. 

Through the sacraments, 祈祷, 形成, and our retreat program, we seek to support the 形成 of each student in spirit, 人类繁荣, 智力, and in their pastoral needs.

撤退 count as a school day, and participation is 要求 for high schoolers according to Diocesan policy. 学生 who miss their retreat for any reason —excused or unexcused — will be 要求 to complete the material under the supervision of a pastoral ministry team member.

Here are the following retreat opportunities for each class: